Who We Are

Our mission is to be the leading financial solution for independent content creators across digital platforms. We founded Spotter to deliver a solution that allows creators to remain independent while receiving the capital they need to grow. We saw the increasing demand and needs creators have in supporting their brand, channel and revenue growth.

  • "It was a pleasure to do business with Spotter. I'll be investing the capital to make even better Yellow Productions videos in the future."

    Chris Raney Yellow Productions
  • Spotter has enabled us to access cash now instead of waiting for YouTube to pay it out, and that's money that we've been able to invest into better and more videos for our audience.

    Matt Levin Donut Media

What We Do

Money for Growth

We provide up-front cash today to fuel your revenue growth and brand value for the future. We have capital to do deals that range in size – anywhere from $50,000 to $20,000,000+

Remain Independent

After a deal, you remain independent.  You retain 100% of your channel and IP.  Your videos do not move or get altered in any way.  You give up 0% dilution and can focus on growth + diversifying your revenue streams. This is not a loan.    

License Existing Content

We only deliver cash for existing videos where we can predict future performance. We can license all or some of your existing videos. You keep all revenues from future uploads. 

Know Your Value

Get a full analysis and education on the value of your existing videos.  Understand how powerful your library performs vs new uploads.  Gain more insights on your content, audiences and more. 

Terms & Use

We are flexible in structuring deal terms to fit the needs of all types of creators.  Creators have used the Spotter solution to…
  • Fund future content creation
  • Hire resources to support content output
  • Budget on a yearly basis vs month to month
  • Buildout bigger studios
  • Diversify revenues
  • Launch commerce brands,
  • Invest in off YouTube initiatives
  • Take risk off the table
  • Invest in secondary income streams
  • Personal life events and more.

Exclusive Offering

Spotter was founded to deliver a unique monetization solution that is not offered by any other company. We are not an MCN. We can work with creators that are part of an existing network.

Leadership Team

The team has a 45-year combined background running large media companies, building consumer facing programming brands across YouTube, financial services and solving problems across the web and social digital ecosystems at scale.


Aaron DeBevoise




Nic Paul

Chief Operating Officer



Nisheeth Singh

Chief Analytics Officer



Beth Bradmon

Chief Financial Officer



David Carroll

Chief Technology Officer



Jon Bodenheimer

VP Content Partnerships


Contact Us

Whether you're a content creator or just curious, we'd love to hear from you! Send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.